This USB drive/card includes over 1,000 hours of MP3 audio files of Sermons, Bible Studies, and Ministerial Sessions from 2005 through the present (including MANY ministers sessions and studies which have never been included before or uploaded online), more than 100 songs played by the Mansfield GAC band, or sung by special groups, as well as ALL of our published books in full-color digital PDFs (including the PDF of the brand new book on The True Ministry Part 1). This card will be filled with ALL current materials noted above, AND it can be mailed back to the church each year for ALL new materials (audio of Bible studies, sermons, and PDFs of any new books from that year) to be added to it that are available in the future. The only cost for the ongoing addition of material is the return shipping cost (presently about $10 for two-day Priority Mail). That means that this 128 GB card contains a COMPLETE collection of ALL materials we have put out, including the audio of a number of messages and studies that have never before been made available on our podcast or on the church website AND, it includes a PERPETUAL SUBSCRIPTION to ALL published materials AND all new materials that may be produced in the FUTURE. ANY audio of Bible studies, services and sermons, ministerial discussions, music, AND any new books that are written can be added to this card free of any charge (other than return shipping if it needs to be shipped) as soon as they are available. That means that the PDF of the new book on The True Ministry Part 1 will be on this card, as well as the Part 2 and Part 3 volumes which should be published in the next few months, the upcoming book(s) on The Sermon on the Mount, and any other materials we put out. For those purchasing these USB card/drive sets, there will be no additional cost to continually add any new materials we put out to your card – saving you any future expense of getting new books, etc. ALSO INCLUDED will be a second 128 GB USB thumb drive with all of the same materials, in a smaller size, as a backup, and for travel (it will easily fit in the USB drive of vehicles that have one).

This set of USB drives/cards is being offered as a special, critical needs fund raiser for $119.95, but the church bookstore will be giving a 20% discount off of that price as long as supplies last. Just enter the coupon code PERPETUAL20 when ordering. We normally offer our digital MP3 collection from 2005 to 2015 is $69.95, our digital collection from 2016 to 2022 is $49.95 and any books or journals and audio of sermons, Bible studies, and ministerial sessions that are put out during 2023 are normally put on a USB thumb drive and released at the beginning of the next year at a cost of $29.95 for a total of $149.85 for all three. Rather than purchase each as well as a new USB thumb drive each year as new materials are put out, this card will not only include ALL materials already available (and some never before made available), but you can mail it to the church (or bring it in if you are local) at the beginning of each year and ALL of the materials from that year (PDFs of books, MP3s of audio, etc.) will be added to it and it will be shipped back to you (the only cost to you being the return shipping expense).

This USB drive comes in a double-sided, custom-printed heavy plastic credit card style card that can easily be stored in a wallet or even as a bookmark as it is the same dimensions as a credit card (though about 2-3 times thicker). This can be plugged into a computer USB port to be downloaded or added to a phone, tablet, etc.

These cards are being offered as a special fundraiser for critical needs and support (ALL donations for these will go to a special account for that purpose) AND as a statement of faith in the future work that we are praying that Bro. Baer will continue to be able to do for years to come.

We have VERY limited quantities of these at present (only about 10 remaining) as these are custom-made and more expensive and time consuming to produce than normal USB drives, though we will be ordering more periodically. When our present stock is sold out, we will continue to take orders but will have to wait on their delivery to us to send out (which may take a week or so). We were originally going to wait until the end of this year to offer these, but we are going to offer a limited quantity now, and any other materials that come out this year can be added to this card through the process described above.


• 2005 – 2011 Selected Sermons

• 2012 Selected Sermons

• 2013 Selected Sermons

• 2014 Selected Sermons

• 2015 Selected Sermons

• 2016 Selected Sermons

• 2017 Selected Sermons

• 2018 Selected Sermons

• 2019 Selected Sermons

• 2020 Selected Sermons

• 2021 Selected Sermons

• 2022 Selected Sermons

• 2023 (to date) Selected Sermons

• Angels and the Spirit Realm series

• Baer Minimum Messages series

• Baptism and Work of the Holy Spirit series

• Discussions on the Nature of Saving Faith and Full Salvation (ongoing) series

• Doctrine of Baptisms series

• Doctrine of Christ series

• Doctrine of God series

• Doctrine of Hell series

• Doctrine of Perfection series

• Doctrine of the Resurrection Part 1 series: The First Resurrection

• Doctrine of the Resurrection Part 2 (ongoing) series: The Second Resurrection

• Elijah Part 1 series

• Exodus Part 1 series

• The Feasts of Israel series

• The Fruit of the Spirit series

• The Godhead Part 1 series

• The Godhead Part 2 series

• The History of the Church Part 1 series

• Matthew 27:52 series

• Psalm 1 series

• The Restoration of Israel Part 1 (ongoing) series

• The Book of Ruth series

• The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches series

• The Song of Solomon Part 1 series

• The Song of Solomon Part 2 (ongoing) series

• The Armor of God series

• The Book of Revelation (ongoing) series

• The Bride Message part 1 series

• The Falling Away and Restoration of the Church Part 1 series

• The True Sabbath series

• The Sermon on the Mount (ongoing) series

• The Tabernacle series

• The True Ministry Part 1 series – originally called Messages on and to the Ministry

• The True Ministry Part 2 (ongoing) series – originally called More Messages and on to the Ministry

AND over 100 songs by the band, choir, soloists, and special groups

BOOKS and JOURNALS (in full color, downloadable, and printable PDF format):

• Angels and the Spirit realm

• Biblical Blueprints Part 1

• Baptisms

• Foundations of Biblical Hebrew

• Haggai

• Hell Explained (by Don Kosa)

• Matthew 27:52

• One God and One Lord Part 1: A Study of the Doctrine of the Godhead

• One God and One Lord Part 2: Discussions on the Doctrine of the Godhead

• Revelation 1 – 7

• Ruth

• Shadows and Light

• The Armor of God

• The Fruit of the Spirit

• The Incorruptible Seed

• The Seven Feasts of Israel

• The Seven Spirits of God

• The Song of Solomon Part 1

• The Tabernacle

• Ari’el Institute Journals 1 – 13

• Ari’el Institute Journals 14 – 16 (Special Editions on the Doctrine of the Devil)

• Ari’el Institute Journals 17 – 18

AND The True Ministry Part 1


COMPLETE DIGITAL COLLECTION – PERPETUAL USB CARD (PDFs of ALL books and journals and MP3 audio of ALL messages, ministerial sessions, and Bible studies) (

The Baer Truth Podcast

The audio of many of our pastor’s messages, Bible studies, and ministerial Bible studies (with the ministers he works with) are NOW AVAILABLE, COMPLETELY FREE to download on our podcast, “The Baer Truth”. His original description of the podcast explains its name and what kind of materials will be included: The podcast will include Bible studies, messages, and discussions on biblical, typological, prophetic, and cultural issues. “The name ‘Baer Truth’ was chosen not to infer that this is truth that is only relative to one teacher (Daniel Baer), or that it is just one man’s version of the truth versus other men’s version of the truth since real truth cannot be relative, it is absolute. Nor was the name ‘Baer Truth’ chosen to infer that the things taught on this podcast by myself (and others involved in discussions) are inerrant/infallible truth without any potential need for any clearer or greater truth to be revealed or mined out on some subjects. Rather, the title of this podcast is a play on words intended to communicate that the desire of the speaker (Daniel Baer) is to get to the BARE truth in these teachings and discussions; a truth that is not colored or covered over by tradition or manmade interpretations, and which is what the Bible states clearly and/or infers obviously. Any teaching we do or messages we have not only seek to reveal the BARE truth but to remove all the manmade traditions that have tainted its original meaning and message. So, ‘The Baer Truth’ title simply refers to someone named ‘Baer’ seeking to get down to the ‘bare’ truth in any subject under discussion.”

Initially begun (as a test) in February 2022, construction was completed on the podcast in May 2022, and it has since grown to over 700 episodes, with more than 150,000 downloads.

You can access the podcast through most podcast channels, including through the links below:

Apple Podcasts / iTunes
Amazon Music


The following describes the vision and calling that the Mansfield Gospel Assembly Church is built on, and which motivates and informs the teaching and culture of our church, its order, and the actions that calling compels


We are Preparing a Garner and Building an Ark

  • By building a tower; a city set on a hill with an unobstructed view of God’s word and God’s work
  • By building a haven of rest and rescue for the souls of men
  • By reaching those captive in sin and those imprisoned by religion, whether pseudo-Christian or pagan
  • By building a place of training and development for the preparation of the Bride of Christ

We are Seeking the Truth rather than Settling on Tradition

  • By uncovering the primitive and perfect truth of the word of God
  • By being anchored to and established on unmovable foundational truth
  • By building on a spiritual threshing floor of doctrinal discussion rather than a man-made tower of tradition
  • By developing a taste for the truth in those without the church
  • By developing a hunger for more of the truth among those within
  • By prioritizing a teaching ministry and producing teaching materials

We are Seeking to Walk in the Path of Righteousness

  • By holding a standard of righteousness unbent and unbowed to the pressure and preference of the times
  • By maintaining external standards that express our internal standards
  • By practicing and propagating holiness without and within
  • By presenting an immovable example of spiritual integrity in a day of moral inconstancy

We are Seeking to Develop the Spirit of Christ

  • By living out the principles of the personality of Christ
  • By striving for a will surrendered to God and a spirit of self-sacrificial love
  • By fully producing the fruits of the Spirit

We are Seeking to Restore the Church and Complete the Bride Company

  • By holding fast to an unwavering and unfailing vision
  • By maintaining a spiritually awakened awareness to the conditions and climate of the church and world
  • By preemptive spiritual and natural preparation
  • By developing a strong sensitivity and responsiveness to the Spirit
  • By sustaining a Spirit driven motivation for more of God in truth, in deed, and in power
  • By inspiring and exhorting the Body towards the final production of the Bride company

We are Striving to Present the Full and Entire Gospel Message

  • To call the lost out of the world of sin
  • To call the children of God out of Babylon
  • To call the Body of Christ to produce the Bride


“We are Striving to Build a 1st Century Church in a 21st Century World”
It is our strong conviction that the religious system that followed the church that existed in the 1st century fell away (fell into spiritual apostasy and into adulteration with the state) and must be restored back to its early (1st century period) purity in terms of doctrine, order, and operation. Due to this core belief, we are vigorous proponents of biblically based and biblically expressed statements regarding the faith: we prioritize biblical language for describing the faith over any later creedal statements or theological terminology made by church councils or theologians.
Given this spiritual impetus, the following is a general description of our foundational beliefs (using only biblical language, and NOT intended as a man-made creedal statement):
  • We believe in God the Father Almighty: sole supreme origin of all creation, of whom are all things
  • We believe in Jesus Christ the Lord: Son of God, Express Image, Arm, and Agent of the Invisible God, by whom are all things, and through whom exists the only hope of salvation
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit: Power and Presence of God, and the Agency through which man is born again and adopted into the family of God
  • We believe that the Body of Christ (the Church) and the 5-Fold Ministry of that Body is the Divine Order of God in the Earth commissioned and empowered to carry out the salvational operation of Go
  • We believe that the Body of Christ will produce the Bride of Christ: the governmental arm of God to rule and reign with Christ throughout the Millennial Reign
  • We believe the source of life and salvation is the Almighty God alone, and that by His design salvation is available only through His Son Jesus
  • We believe that full salvation is a progressive work that begins with faith and repentance and culminates with perfection: attaining the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: recreation into the image of Christ both without and within
  • We believe in the hope of the resurrection: that the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible, and that those who have not attained full salvation will be raised to stand before the White Throne Judgment