Certain advanced publishing features are only available on YouTube once a certain subscriber threshold has been met, so in order to hit this threshold the church is offering a FREE (digital PDF) copy of any of our books to new subscribers to the church’s YouTube channel (where video and audio of Bible studies, music, and messages are available).
If you subscribe to the church’s YouTube channel (the link to it is below) in the next few days and send an email to the church at attesting that you have done so, the church staff will send your choice of any one of any of our books in digital PDF format (able to be read on your phone, computer, etc.) to your email address.
The presently available books you can choose from below (and all of these can be found in the church website bookstore at :
* THE INCORRUPTIBLE SEED: History and Defense of the Hoy
* THE TABERNACLE (7th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition)
* THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL (12th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition)
* BAPTISMS: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of Baptisms
* ONE GOD AND ONE LORD Part 1: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of the Godhead
* ONE GOD AND ONE LORD Part 2: Discussions on the Doctrine of the Godhead
* BIBLICAL BLUEPRINTS Part 1: Bible Study Charts, Illustrations, and Diagrams
* RUTH: Gleanings of the Message of Restoration and Redemption in the Book of Ruth
* THE SONG OF SONGS Part 1: The Bride of Christ in the Song of Solomon
* MATTHEW 27:52: Who Rose from the Dead in Matthew 27:52?
Any one of our Ari’el Institute Biblical Studies Journals (Issues 1 – 10 are presently available

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The following describes the vision and calling that the Mansfield Gospel Assembly Church is built on, and which motivates and informs the teaching and culture of our church, its order, and the actions that calling compels


We are Preparing a Garner and Building an Ark

  • By building a tower; a city set on a hill with an unobstructed view of God’s word and God’s work
  • By building a haven of rest and rescue for the souls of men
  • By reaching those captive in sin and those imprisoned by religion, whether pseudo-Christian or pagan
  • By building a place of training and development for the preparation of the Bride of Christ

We are Seeking the Truth rather than Settling on Tradition

  • By uncovering the primitive and perfect truth of the word of God
  • By being anchored to and established on unmovable foundational truth
  • By building on a spiritual threshing floor of doctrinal discussion rather than a man-made tower of tradition
  • By developing a taste for the truth in those without the church
  • By developing a hunger for more of the truth among those within
  • By prioritizing a teaching ministry and producing teaching materials

We are Seeking to Walk in the Path of Righteousness

  • By holding a standard of righteousness unbent and unbowed to the pressure and preference of the times
  • By maintaining external standards that express our internal standards
  • By practicing and propagating holiness without and within
  • By presenting an immovable example of spiritual integrity in a day of moral inconstancy

We are Seeking to Develop the Spirit of Christ

  • By living out the principles of the personality of Christ
  • By striving for a will surrendered to God and a spirit of self-sacrificial love
  • By fully producing the fruits of the Spirit

We are Seeking to Restore the Church and Complete the Bride Company

  • By holding fast to an unwavering and unfailing vision
  • By maintaining a spiritually awakened awareness to the conditions and climate of the church and world
  • By preemptive spiritual and natural preparation
  • By developing a strong sensitivity and responsiveness to the Spirit
  • By sustaining a Spirit driven motivation for more of God in truth, in deed, and in power
  • By inspiring and exhorting the Body towards the final production of the Bride company

We are Striving to Present the Full and Entire Gospel Message

  • To call the lost out of the world of sin
  • To call the children of God out of Babylon
  • To call the Body of Christ to produce the Bride


“We are Striving to Build a 1st Century Church in a 21st Century World”
It is our strong conviction that the religious system that followed the church that existed in the 1st century fell away (fell into spiritual apostasy and into adulteration with the state) and must be restored back to its early (1st century period) purity in terms of doctrine, order, and operation. Due to this core belief, we are vigorous proponents of biblically based and biblically expressed statements regarding the faith: we prioritize biblical language for describing the faith over any later creedal statements or theological terminology made by church councils or theologians.
Given this spiritual impetus, the following is a general description of our foundational beliefs (using only biblical language, and NOT intended as a man-made creedal statement):
  • We believe in God the Father Almighty: sole supreme origin of all creation, of whom are all things
  • We believe in Jesus Christ the Lord: Son of God, Express Image, Arm, and Agent of the Invisible God, by whom are all things, and through whom exists the only hope of salvation
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit: Power and Presence of God, and the Agency through which man is born again and adopted into the family of God
  • We believe that the Body of Christ (the Church) and the 5-Fold Ministry of that Body is the Divine Order of God in the Earth commissioned and empowered to carry out the salvational operation of Go
  • We believe that the Body of Christ will produce the Bride of Christ: the governmental arm of God to rule and reign with Christ throughout the Millennial Reign
  • We believe the source of life and salvation is the Almighty God alone, and that by His design salvation is available only through His Son Jesus
  • We believe that full salvation is a progressive work that begins with faith and repentance and culminates with perfection: attaining the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: recreation into the image of Christ both without and within
  • We believe in the hope of the resurrection: that the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible, and that those who have not attained full salvation will be raised to stand before the White Throne Judgment