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  • Hello and may the Lord bless your work.
    Looking at a few of your beliefs and found on many issues we are preaching the same thing. Came as a surprise being many under the doctrines of tradition more then they might think. It is refreshing hearing that you say you are an Apostolic Church in the 21st century.
    Keep up the good work may the Lord bless you. If you feel lead of the lord please call I would love to know if your having any special services my family could attend. Thank you !

    • I’m looking forward to the possibility of talking more with you in the future. I’ll let you know when we may be having a special service in the future. God bless and keep you, Bro Daniel Baer

  • I see you’ve discussed water and spirit baptism, but I was curious if you planned to do a study on fire baptism? Perhaps I overlooked it? I do appreciate listening to your studies!

    • Thank you Bro. Rhodes. The feedback is deeply appreciated. We had a series of Bible studies on Fire Baptism that were on the website that must have been inadvertently moved. I’ll have them added back on.

  • Thank you Bro. Baer.

  • Chris Ann Konrad

    I appreciate the time and effort put in to educate the people on these important topics. They are crucial to my growth and development. Thank you.

  • Hi, I have enjoyed the studies on the feasts of Israel (I also purchased the book), but I noticed the audio messages of the study on this page stop at Trumpets part 1. I would really like to learn more about the fall feasts and am curious, will the rest of the recordings be added at some point in the future?

    Your brother,
    Justin Walley

  • Hi brother Baer. I have really enjoyed listening to the audio messages of the study on the feasts of Israel, but I noticed it ends with Trumpets part 1. Will the rest of these studies be uploaded in the future to include the rest of the Fall feasts?

    • Thank you Bro. Walley, that means a lot. The second part on the Feast of Trumpets should be online tomorrow. We should be talking on the Day of Atonement this Friday, and should be online next week. We’ve been working on completely updating and expanding the book on the Feasts this year. It dates back about 12 years ago, which was the last time we went through the subject.

      God bless!

      Bro. Baer

      • Oh great! I was not aware that this was a study currently in progress. That sounds great. Thank you so much for making these resources available.

        God bless,
        Justin Walley

  • Hello Bro Baer. I started listening to some of your teachings as a dear brother of mine from NJ told me about you. Even on the points we view differently, I admire the strong biblical approach you take. I had a question particularly about the timeline of the 70 weeks of Daniel that you went over briefly. Should I post it here or should I contact you directly.

  • Wisdom Bryan Ohiirwe

    I have been listening and downloading Audios from here,the wonderful spirit filled teachings and Rev.Daniel, Has helped me to develop better understanding of the bible, I realise the more I get to know these truths the more they humble me , I deeply apriciate this work.

  • I used to have on cd your teaching on the doctrine of hell. Do you still have these on tape? I lost mine and really need to get them back.
    -Sentel Johnson

    • These CDs sets are available in the MULTIMEDIA section of the church bookstore, which can be accessed through the BOOKSTORE tab at the top of the church website homepage. God bless!

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