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The audio of many of our pastor’s messages, Bible studies, and ministerial Bible studies (with the ministers he works with) are NOW AVAILABLE, COMPLETELY FREE to download on our podcast, “The Baer Truth”. His original description of the podcast explains its name and what kind of materials will be included: The podcast will include Bible studies, messages, and discussions on biblical, typological, prophetic, and cultural issues. “The name ‘Baer Truth’ was chosen not to infer that this is truth that is only relative to one teacher (Daniel Baer), or that it is just one man’s version of the truth versus other men’s version of the truth since real truth cannot be relative, it is absolute. Nor was the name ‘Baer Truth’ chosen to infer that the things taught on this podcast by myself (and others involved in discussions) are inerrant/infallible truth without any potential need for any clearer or greater truth to be revealed or mined out on some subjects. Rather, the title of this podcast is a play on words intended to communicate that the desire of the speaker (Daniel Baer) is to get to the BARE truth in these teachings and discussions; a truth that is not colored or covered over by tradition or manmade interpretations, and which is what the Bible states clearly and/or infers obviously. Any teaching we do or messages we have not only seek to reveal the BARE truth but to remove all the manmade traditions that have tainted its original meaning and message. So, ‘The Baer Truth’ title simply refers to someone named ‘Baer’ seeking to get down to the ‘bare’ truth in any subject under discussion.”

Initially begun (as a test) in February 2022, construction was completed on the podcast in May 2022, and it has since grown to over 700 episodes, with more than 150,000 downloads.

You can access the podcast through most podcast channels, including through the links below:

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