Mansfield Gospel Assembly is a family of believers that hold forth the ideals of Pentecostal holiness.

We are striving to build a 1st century church in a 21st century world,

with Jesus Christ as the rightful head and chief cornerstone.

We believe in placing God’s truth before man’s tradition.

We strive to have Spirit led services that are spiritually strengthening to people and ultimately honoring to God.


It is our strong conviction that the religious system that followed the church that existed in the 1st century fell away (fell into spiritual apostasy and into adulteration with the state) and must be restored back to its early (1st century period) purity in terms of doctrine, order, and operation. Due to this core belief, we are vigorous proponents of biblically based and biblically expressed statements regarding the faith: we prioritize biblical language for describing the faith over any later creedal statements or theological terminology made by church councils or theologians.
Given this spiritual impetus, the following is a general description of our foundational beliefs (using only biblical language):
  • We believe in God the Father Almighty: sole supreme origin of all creation, of whom are all things
  • We believe in Jesus Christ the Lord: Son of God, Express Image, Arm, and Agent of the Invisible God, by whom are all things, and through whom exists the only hope of salvation
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit: Power and Presence of God, and the Agency through which man is born again and adopted into the family of God
  • We believe that the Body of Christ (the Church) and the 5-Fold Ministry of that Body is the Divine Order of God in the Earth commissioned and empowered to carry out the salvational operation of God
  • We believe that the Body of Christ will produce the Bride of Christ: the governmental arm of God intended to rule and reign with Christ throughout the Millennial Reign
  • We believe the source of life and salvation is the Almighty God alone, and that by His design salvation is available only through His Son Jesus
  • We believe that full salvation is a progressive work that begins with faith and repentance, and culminates with perfection: attaining the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: recreation into the image of Christ both without (externally) and within (internally)
  • We believe in the hope of the resurrection: that the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible, and that those who have not attained full salvation will be raised to stand before the White Throne Judgment




Bro Baer


       Bro. and Sis. Baer,

Dani, Halle, and Elijah



  • greetings bro baer.
    the book on genesis is a great blessing to me, I to do a lot of word interpretation in the bible when I study so this book has helped me greatly.
    I was wondering if I could get a password for the student ministriy page.

    thank you, and god richly bless you.

    bro jacobs

  • Bro. When will you attend one of the conventions in, Brooklyn NY? There is one coming right around the corner.

    • Bro. Guerrier,

      I would love to be able to be in New York, though I don’t think I can pull it off this year due to a heavy travel schedule.
      Keep us in your prayers that God will open up doors in the coming year so that we can do a bit more travel…especially to New York and Florida.

      Bro. Baer

  • Bro. Baer, I need to get on your web site. Bro Jim Edwards

  • Brother Baer this is brother Potes from the Philippines, just want you to know I’m very interested of your bible lesson.

    • Brother Potes,
      It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words.
      I hope things are well in the Philippines. We are praying for the success of your upcoming meeting.
      Love and prayers,
      Bro. Baer

  • Bro. Baer, forgot the pass word

  • I have been listening to your teaching for 2 years now. It’s been a blessing to my family and me. Thank you. Br Samuel. Gospel. Assembly. Tampa Fl

  • a man who follow Gods word will find the love of God and a man who follows this word will find sin. when you can look in the mirror and be truthful with yourself about who you are and what type of relations you have with God is a man searching for peace. brother baer tought me this a long time ago through his actions and how he talk to me as a brother. I thank God for a brother like this and may God be with you always brother and your family.

  • Thank you for the answer on type of tongues. I am truely blessed by it.

  • I have misplaced my password for the minister studys.
    Also Bro Baer God has blessed you with the way you teach. Through the years I have listened to many a ministers. You have been blessed.
    God bless you and the family and church.

  • Julius Anavaswa shiundu (Julius Navaswa)

    Hello brother Daniel I was seeing this a mighty structure of God,, love you my pastor,, Kenya this morning we are praying for our church there Gospel Assembly, and all leaders, pastor and your precious family,, we love,, hoping God to open door of Kenya, in Africa,, Gospel Assembly church, will shine in spiritual and Holiness,, hoping to hear from you pastor and my beloved brother Daniel Baer, Brother Nabaswa

  • Hello I am Scott Stines from Brown Trail gospel assembly in Hurst TX
    Bro.George Bragg is my pastor
    Are you familiar with him? And do you teach the teachings of Bro William Sowders ?

    • Hello Bro. Stines,
      Yes, I know Bro. Bragg well and have a love and appreciation for his ministry and the work there in Hurst.
      My family and my wife’s family both go back to the early days of Bro. Sowder’s ministry and the later work at the Campground. My grandfather was the co-founder of the church in Green (Akron), Ohio where Bro. Moore is pastor, and knew Bro. Sowders. We have always looked at Bro. Sowder’s teachings as foundational.

      Bro. Baer

  • Please send me the login instructions to access your web site. I have been listening to your sermons for a long time and really enjoy them.

    Thank you!

  • Bro. Baer, I am a new member of Where Eagles Fly. My name is Larry Riley. I retired from pastoriing two years ago. I have been made a moderator other this group by Bro. Taber. I would like the password to access your PDF files. Thank you.

  • Bro Baer , bro Ken Warren was telling me about your ministry. I was trying to listen to some sermons from the page but they have a password. Could u send it to me thanks. Bro shawn

    • Hie blessed men of God i thank you for your committment may the mighty God we serve grunt you all your wishes according to his will ,stay blessed

  • Bro Bear,

    I would really appreciate it if you could grant me access to your sermons. I would love to thank you in advance.God blessed

  • Bro. Baer, I can’t speak right now because of my right vocal cord. I had 28 radiation treatments last year for it. My voice came back and is now gone again. So, I can’t preach right now. I’m going to my ENT this Thursday to see what is happening to it. Please, please pray for me. I enjoy your bible studies so much on FB. Food for my soul!!

  • Brother Baer please add me and my family to your prayers, bro Shawn sis Apryl and our children austin and Ashton, looking for the Lords plan in our life.

  • Bro. Baer,
    I am enjoying your website. My family and I appreciate you, your family, your ministry and your love for the word of God. When you have time, please take a look at our website. http://www.tmjolly.com
    Blessings, Herb McCarty Jr.

  • I thank God to allow me to comes across your web page. It is a blessing web page. I request for prayer support as I join you and your ministry. Pastor Fred from Kenya.

  • This is so powerful
    From kenya we as a church we are praying for you.
    Welcome Africa Kenya and visit to minister to us

  • I’am brother Nathan from Philadelphia, i would really appreciate if i can have access to your teachings.thank you in advance.

  • Im a member of the Ariel Institute on facebook. I signed up for the Tabernacle online course.

  • Kristie Blackwell

    Bro Baer, I was told a book was available on the study of Ruth, but only see the Audio series on the website. We would like to order a book for the Indianapolis library.
    Is a book available?
    Thank you for your time!!
    Kristie Blackwell
    Gospel Assembly Church Indpls

    • Sis. Kristie, If you go through the bookstore tab at the top of the website homepage, click on the “books” link, and then on the “Bible Commentaries” link it should take you to the list of books we’ve put together on different books of the Bible, including the book of Ruth. Let me know if you need any other help. God bless!

  • Kristie Blackwell

    Thank you so much! That was the light I needed on this path of ordering “Ruth”.
    Order has been placed and I’ll send an email.

    Thank you for your work and effort.
    Sis Kristie Blackwell

  • Bro. Baer,
    I had a brother at the convention tell me he did not believe or understand our teaching on the Restoration of the Church. Do you have anything in print or on audio that I could refer him to?
    Herb McCarty

  • I am requesting for your free digital copy of books for my spiritual food supplements

  • I haven’t visited your site in some time and I tried to access without any success. I have use various passwords you have given me in the past to no avail. I believe but please help thou my unbelief.

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