Full 54 lesson course in the foundational elements of Biblical Hebrew.

The course is designed to be accessible to complete beginners, but its breadth and range of study will appeal to and benefit Hebrew students of all levels




Some of the things you will learn are:

  • The key concepts and building blocks of the Hebrew language
  • Proper pronunciation of the Hebrew letters and words
  • A thorough mastery of every letter of the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
  • Memorization keys and tools for remembering the entire Hebrew Aleph-Bet
  • The paleo-Hebraic forms of the letters and the symbolism associated with each letter
  • Memorization key and tools for immediately recognizing the names and sounds of each Hebrew letter
  • The Hebrew Vowel Points
  • Memorization of several key Bible verses and liturgical statements
  • Hebrew cultural elements
  • A selection of conversational Hebrew words and phrases
  • 120+ key Hebrew vocabulary words that will give you the ability to recognize and understand 1,000’s of Hebrew words used in the Bible
  • BONUS: Aleph-Bet memorization song (in both audio and sheet music formats) that will allow you to quickly and easily memorize the Hebrew Aleph-Bet (alphabet)
  • BONUS: ALL of the following downloadable and fully printable charts and tables are also included: Hebrew Aleph-Bet and Vowel Points chart, Hebrew Aleph-Bet Pronunciation and Gematria chart, Symbolism of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet chart, Hebrew Nikud: Vowel Points chart, Pronunciation Guide to the Names of the Hebrew Letters and Vowel Points chart, and Pronunciation Guide to Key Proper Hebrew Names chart


The FULL ONLINE DIPLOMA COURSE includes the following:

  • Full access to all 54 printable and downloadable lessons
  • Full access to all 54 audio MP3 sessions covering each lesson
  • Private email address where students can send questions and interact with the teachers
  • Grading of all 5 Review Tests
  • Grading of the 2-part Final Test
  • Official Diploma / Certificate issued by the Ari’el Institute, and mailed out after completion of final test


Full certificate / diploma course available for a limited time discounted cost of $30.

  • Any who have previously purchased Bro. Baer’s book “Foundations of Biblical Hebrew”, OR who are members of the Ari’el Institute group on Facebook will receive a discounted cost of only $20. Just note this in the comments line of the donation

Comparative Hebrew courses available online range from $100 to $1,000 or more. This very low-cost offering is being used as a limited time fund raiser to aid churches we are working with.



Enrolling, completing, and receiving a diploma in Foundations of Biblical Hebrew is easy and inexpensive:

  1. Send a donation of $30 (or the discounted $20 cost) for the course expense through the PayPal link on the Biblical Hebrew Course page of the website noting your donation is for the Biblical Hebrew course (the link at the bottom of this post will take you directly there)       LINK FOR ENROLLMENT:
  2. Upon receipt of donation, you will receive an email noting your official enrollment status, an email link for sending questions or communicating directly with teachers, and a password for access to the Biblical Hebrew Course website, which gives you full access to ALL the material described above and below
  3. View online, download and/or print out the pages, handouts, and other materials and study these at your own pace
  4. Listen to the short audio lessons that are included on the website with each lesson, each of which include a read through of the printed lesson with proper pronunciation and some added points. These can be listened to online OR downloaded as MP3 files to your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  5. Contact our teachers with any questions through the email link provided to all students
  6. Take each review test (at your own pace) and submit the answers for grading by emailing them to: OR by mailing them to the Ari’el Institute at the church address: 1100 S. Trimble Rd. Mansfield, Ohio 44906
  7. Take the final 2-part test (when you are ready) and submit the answers for grading by emailing them as above
  8. Ari’el Institute will email a full color downloadable and printable Diploma in Foundations of Biblical Hebrew to all who complete their final tests. Those who do so with high grading will receive a special Honors or High Honors designation on their certificate


Any questions regarding the course can be directed to:





Each lesson is available as both a printable / downloadable PDF and in audio format for online listening or download


  1. Modern Jewish Cultural and Linguistic Divisions
  2. Key Concepts of the Hebrew Language
  3. Hebrew Vowel Points
  4. Read, Writing, and Sentence Structure
  5. Basics of Word Structure
  6. Masculine and Feminine Word Classifications
  7. Pronunciation Basics
  8. Writing Hebrew Right
  9. Hebrew Letters: ALEPH
  10. Hebrew Letters: BET
  11. Hebrew Letters: YOD
  12. Hebrew Vowel Points: SEGOL, KAMATZ, PATACH, and CHEEREK
  13. Hebrew Vocabulary, Conversational Hebrew, and Liturgical Phrase


Review Test #1

  1. Hebrew Letters: HEY
  2. Hebrew Letters: LAMED
  3. Hebrew Letters: MEM
  4. Hebrew Letters: RESH
  5. Hebrew Vowel Points: CHOLOM
  6. Words you can Write in Hebrew
  7. Hebrew Times and Seasons


Review Test #2


  1. Hebrew Letters: DALET
  2. Hebrew Letters: AYIN
  3. Hebrew Letters: SHIN
  4. Hebrew Letters: TAV
  5. Hebrew Vowel Points: SHURUK and TZAREH
  6. Hebrew Vocabulary, Bible Passage Memorization, and Conversational Hebrew


Review Test #3


  1. Writing Hebrew Letters in Cursive Script
  2. Hebrew Letters: VAV
  3. Hebrew Letters: GIMEL
  4. Hebrew Letters: CHET
  5. Hebrew Letters: KAF / CHAF
  6. Hebrew Letters: SAMECH
  8. Words you can Write in Hebrew, and Conversational Hebrew


Review Test #4


  1. Hebrew Letters: NUN
  2. Hebrew Letters: KOF
  3. Hebrew Letters: TET
  4. Hebrew Letters: PEY / FEY
  5. Hebrew Letters: TSADI
  6. Hebrew Letters: ZAYIN
  7. Words you can Write in Hebrew, Conversational Hebrew, and Hebrew Days of the Week
  8. Hebrew Traditional Calendar Readings, and Bible Passage Memorization


Review Test #5


  1. Hebrew Letters that Look Alike
  2. Hebrew Letters that Sound Alike
  3. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Commonly used Divine Names and Titles
  4. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Key Theological and Religious Terms part 1
  5. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Key Theological and Religious Terms part 2
  6. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Body and Soul
  7. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Sociological and Political Terms part 1
  8. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Sociological and Political Terms part 2
  9. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Time
  10. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: The Natural Realm
  11. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Common and Critical Verbs
  12. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Various Terms and Descriptions


Final Test part 1

Final Test part 2