COMPLETE DIGITAL COLLECTION - PERPETUAL USB CARD (PDFs of ALL books and journals and MP3 audio of ALL messages, ministerial sessions, and Bible studies)

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This USB card includes over 1,000 hours of MP3 audio files of Sermons, Bible Studies, and Ministerial Sessions from 2005 through the present (including MANY ministers sessions and studies which have never been offered before or uploaded online), more than 100 songs played by the Mansfield GAC band, or sung by special groups, as well as ALL our published books in full-color digital PDFs (including the PDF of the brand new book on The True Ministry). This card will be filled with ALL current materials noted above, AND it can be mailed back to the church each year for ALL new materials (audio of Bible studies, sermons, and PDFs of any new books from that year) to be added to it that are available in the future. The only cost for the addition of material is the return shipping cost (presently about $10 for 2-day Priority Mail). That means that this 128 GB card contains a COMPLETE collection of ALL materials we have put out, including the audio of a number of messages and studies that have never before been made available on our podcast or on the church website AND, it includes a PERPETUAL SUBSCRIPTION to ALL published materials AND all new materials that may be produced in the FUTURE. ALSO INCLUDED will be a second 128 GB USB thumb-drive with all of the same materials, in a smaller size as a backup and for travel (it will easily fit in the USB drive of vehicles which have one).

We normally offer our digital MP3 collection from 2005 to 2015 is $69.95, our digital collection from 2016 to 2022 is $49.95 and any books or journals and audio of sermons, Bible studies, and ministerial sessions that are put out during 2023 are normally put on a USB thumb drive and released at the beginning of the next year at a cost of $29.95 for a total of $149.85 for all three. Rather than purchase each as well as a new USB thumb drive each year as new materials are put out, this card will not only include ALL materials already available (and some never before made available), but you can mail it to the church (or bring it in if you are local) at the beginning of each year and ALL of the materials from that year (PDFs of books, MP3s of audio, etc.) will be added to it and it will be shipped back to you (the only cost to you being the return shipping expense).

This USB drive comes in a double-sided, custom-printed heavy plastic credit card style card that can easily be stored in a wallet or even as a bookmark as it is the same dimensions as a credit card (though about 2-3 times thicker) - see the pictures above. As will all of our USB drives, this can be plugged into a computer USB port to be downloaded or added to a phone, tablet, etc.

These cards are being offered as a special fundraiser for critical needs and support (ALL donations for these will go to a special account for that purpose) AND as a statement of faith in the future work that we are praying that Bro. Baer will continue to be able to do for years to come.

We have VERY limited quantities of these at present as these are custom-made and much more expensive to produce than normal USB drives, though we will be ordering more periodically. When our present stock is sold out, we will continue to take orders but will have to wait on their delivery to us to send out (which may take a couple of weeks). We were originally going to wait until the end of this year to offer these, but we are going to offer a limited quantity now, and any other materials that come out this year can be added to this card through the process described above.

• 2005 – 2011 Selected Sermons
• 2012 Selected Sermons
• 2013 Selected Sermons
• 2014 Selected Sermons
• 2015 Selected Sermons
• 2016 Selected Sermons
• 2017 Selected Sermons
• 2018 Selected Sermons
• 2019 Selected Sermons
• 2020 Selected Sermons
• 2021 Selected Sermons
• 2022 Selected Sermons
• 2023 (to date) Selected Sermons
• Angels and the Spirit Realm series
• Baer Minimum Messages series
• Baptism and Work of the Holy Spirit series
• Discussions on the Nature of Saving Faith and Full Salvation (ongoing) series
• Doctrine of Baptisms series
• Doctrine of Christ series
• Doctrine of God series
• Doctrine of Hell series
• Doctrine of Perfection series
• Doctrine of the Resurrection Part 1 series: The First Resurrection
• Doctrine of the Resurrection Part 2 (ongoing) series: The Second Resurrection
• Elijah Part 1 series
• Exodus Part 1 series
• The Feasts of Israel series
• The Fruit of the Spirit series
• The Godhead Part 1 series
• The Godhead Part 2 series
• The History of the Church Part 1 series
• Matthew 27:52 series
• Psalm 1 series
• The Restoration of Israel Part 1 (ongoing) series
• The Book of Ruth series
• The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches series
• The Song of Solomon Part 1 series
• The Song of Solomon Part 2 (ongoing) series
• The Armor of God series
• The Book of Revelation (ongoing) series
• The Bride Message part 1 series
• The Falling Away and Restoration of the Church Part 1 series
• The True Sabbath series
• The Sermon on the Mount (ongoing) series
• The Tabernacle series
• The True Ministry Part 1 series – originally called Messages on and to the Ministry
• The True Ministry Part 2 (ongoing) series – originally called More Messages and on to the Ministry
• AND over 100 songs by the band, choir, soloists, and special groups
BOOKS and JOURNALS (in full color, downloadable, and printable PDF format):

• Angels and the Spirit realm
• Biblical Blueprints Part 1
• Baptisms
• Foundations of Biblical Hebrew
• Haggai
• Hell Explained (by Don Kosa)
• Matthew 27:52
• One God and One Lord Part 1: A Study of the Doctrine of the Godhead
• One God and One Lord Part 2: Discussions on the Doctrine of the Godhead
• Revelation 1 – 7
• Ruth
• Shadows and Light
• The Armor of God
• The Fruit of the Spirit
• The Incorruptible Seed
• The Seven Feasts of Israel
• The Seven Spirits of God
• The Song of Solomon Part 1
• The Tabernacle
• Ari’el Institute Journals 1 – 13
• Ari’el Institute Journals 14 – 16 (Special Editions on the Doctrine of the Devil)
• Ari’el Institute Journals 17 – 18
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  • I would like to have your USB flash drive of 2005-2015. How do I order and pay?

    • Bro. Cohenour,
      The fastest way is to go directly through the Bookstore link at the top of the home page. The USB flash drive is in the Media section of the Bookstore, where it can be ordered directly with most forms of payment. Please let us know if there is any other way we can be of service.
      Mansfield GAC staff

  • How do I sign in

  • My Dear Brother
    I am in process to order the 2005-2015 USB Flash Drive and am kind of confused about the others $20 and $30. Are they the same or something different? Please, if you don’t mine, remind me the Password again because I can not sign in
    Thank you so much and God bless you richly
    Bro Gerard D. Charles.

    • Bro Charles,
      I believe there are 2 different USB drives in the bookstore. One is a 32gb drive from 2005-2015. I believe it is about $50. The other is an 8gb drive with 2016 material. I think it is $30. I’ll have the folks email you a password as soon as possible.

      God bless you my friend,

      Bro Baer

      • Good Morning Brother Baer,

        I would love to ask you a question in regards to numerical symbolism, as mentioned in your book called “The Tabernacle of the Lord”. The number 60 is a multiple of 144,000 and you gave an example as follows:
        60 x 2400 = 144000. Would you be so kind shedding some light about 2400 and what does that number represent?

        Thank you so much in advance Bro. Baer
        God bless!

  • Actually the 2016 USB drive is $20

  • Thank you very much for your quick answer. I just ordered all three. I would like to get access to the ministerial sessions, but I forget the password.

  • Where is your 2017 USB? I can’t find it and would like to order it.

  • I thank God every day that Bro. Baer is making all his knowledge that he studied, etc. for years available to us. It makes it so easy for us to study, understand and learn. I’ve been praying, needing and wanting this forever and so many others. He is perfectly in God’s will to do this for us.

    I thank the ones that are taking their time to develop these websites.

    God Bless you all!

    Becky Burke
    Frankfort Christian Assembly

  • Hello . I from myanmar if you have any vision for myanmar let do togather. God bless you

  • May be a silly question. . .
    I see the study on Elijah Part 1. Does that mean a Part 2 is forthcoming? Are any of the study pages on Facebook?

    • Bro. Baer has been talking about going through John’s Epistles in a Bible study next, and possibly some additional discussions on the Godhead, as the subject has been stirring up a lot of conversation among the international ministry he is working with. He has talked about more on Elijah in the future, as well as completing the Song of Solomon

  • Sorry, forgot my other silly question. . . .

    I have the Book on Ruth? Is there a study guide available with it or any of the other studies? I am so excited to begin reading and studying these topics.

    Are certificates available for completion or just on certain topics presented?

    Last question, can any of us from other assemblies stream in on the Friday night Bible Studies? If so, I would love to have the option to do so.

    Sister Chris Ann Konrad,
    Louisville, KY
    Christian Assembly
    Pastor: Brother Lyle Gillespie

    • The main thing we’ve used as a “study guide” for the Book of Ruth is the CD sets of the actual classes. Usually the “live” classes are taught first and then the material might be made into a book. For that reason they sometimes go into more detail or side discussion that may not be included in the book. We have put a few classes online in a password protected area for any of the ministers overseas Bro. Baer is working with, or for any others who would like to go through these. Bro. Baer has always stressed this is open to all as long as pastors of other assemblies among us are in acceptance of doing so. It sounds like he intends to add a number of others of these certificate classes, depending on how the first work out

  • We surely desire to study all of the wisdom God has given you and enlightened you with, Brother Baer. Your books are confirmation of the hope and shewbread we have been feeding on for many decades. I am forever awed by the beautifully simplified relationship to Christ obtained with the understanding in approaching Him unto my goal to serve at the Golden Altar until I am resting under it – with your helping sermons and book on the Tabernacle of the Lord.
    Listening to your sermons on a continual basis throughout my long commutes has given me present and revealing convictions about issues pertaining to life, Godliness, and the present world. You recently opened my eyes to understand what things were that I had been on different ground about in days prior, but hadn’t known what I needed to know to have such holy conviction as I have today about what is right. It is nice to be able to feel the way God does about something you just revealed to me and convicted my heart of, that I misunderstood prior.
    Innocent Blood Audio sermon surely brought forth some righteous results and clarified my thinking about the same, so that I could in truth be washed more white than snow with the precious blood of Jesus and sort out a greater separation from their murders.

  • October 3, 2020 9:16 am

    Good Morning Brother Baer,

    I would love to ask you a question in regards to numerical symbolism, as mentioned in your book called “The Tabernacle of the Lord”. The number 60 is a multiple of 144,000 and you gave an example as follows:
    60 x 2400 = 144000. Would you be so kind shedding some light about 2400 and what does that number represent?

    Thank you so much in advance Bro. Baer
    God bless!

    • Bro. Charles, It is always good to hear from you my friend. I sent an email response to this question which was a little more detailed, but the shorter answer is that unless the Bible uses a number in a way that clearly shows what it is symbolic of (like how it uses the numbers 7, 10 12, etc.), if it is a bigger number (like 60, 2400, or 144,0000), the way we’ve usually tried to determine its symbolism is by breaking it up into pieces that are divisible by numbers that we do know the symbolism of. For example, since 144,000 is 12,000 x 12, and we know 12 is often symbolic of government, the fact that this is 12 x 12,000 seems to imply a much higher, more expanded form of government than any other. The same might be true of dividing it up by a number like 2400, which is 24 (12×2) x 100 (10×10), which, when taken down to its divisible parts like that, might represent government (12) and judgement (10). It might also be that that the numbers 12,000 (in 12 x 12,000 = 144,000) and 2,400 (12 x 200) might be alluding to the 1,000-year Millennial Reign period, as each are in the thousands, but the base number they are made up of that is most symbolically significant is 12 (government), so “the government” during the Millennial Reign. All that shows how complicated attempting to unravel numerical symbolism can be.

  • Continuing to pray for Br. Daniel Baer and the personal health challenge he and his family are facing.

  • We continue to left you and your family before the Lord through fasting and prayer Elder Baer. There is nothing too hard or impossible for our God to do. He promise us that we are not alone, He will always be with you, He will never leave you or forsake you and this His promise is true. We pray that God continues to be merciful and strengthen you and your family, body mind & spirits. We Love you and appreciate you very much in Jesus name. Amen

    Gospel Assembly of San Andros, The Bahamas.

  • Dear Elder Daniel Baer
    I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my most sincere congratulations on the publication of your book entitled “The Seven Spirits of God”. I say a big thank you to the Almighty God for this special gift that He has placed in you so that you can be a great blessing to us in the Body of Jesus Christ. As a student minister, I will be very grateful to see in your upcoming publications a study on “The Seven Canaanite Nations”, God willing.
    Thank you so much Pastor for your dedication to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    May God bless you abundantly!

  • Greetings, Brother Baer.
    I’ll bring you a couple questions.

    In reading the account of Jephthah, it has always struck me with pity that his crying daughter was sacrificed, but then another source simply said she just never married and bore children and her noble loyalty was honored above what her dad limited her in life. Did she actually live and surmount his terrible oath and authority?

    Is the new part 1 and 2 on ministry only available on USB?

    Thanks again for all your diligent study and resources. My prayers for Zions fulfillment and continued health, my friend. God bless you.

    • My friend, Brother Postman,

      Thank you for your prayers. I am slowly regaining my strength and energy, and praying the Lord will continue to enable me to do so.

      Part 1 and part 2 of The True Ministry (there will be more parts to come) are available as PDFs (or Word documents, if that is easier) that are emailed directly to you as an attachment that can be downloaded, printed out, read on a phone, tablet, or computer.

      The story of Jephthah’s daughter is a controversial one that has caused quite a bit of debate. Though it is possible that he offered his daughter as a human sacrifice, I think there are other ways of understanding that passage. It is a bit lengthy, but the following quote from Adam Clarke explains another possibility (that I lean towards agreeing with): “The text is והיה ליהוה והעליתיהו עולה vehayah layhovah, vehaalithihu olah; the translation of which, according to the most accurate Hebrew scholars, is this: I will consecrate it to the Lord, or I will offer it for a burnt-offering; that is, “If it be a thing fit for a burnt-offering, it shall be made one; if fit for the service of God, it shall be consecrated to him.” That conditions of this kind must have been implied in the vow, is evident enough; to have been made without them, it must have been the vow of a heathen, or a madman. If a dog had met him, this could not have been made a burnt-offering; and if his neighbor or friend’s wife, son, or daughter, etc., had been returning from a visit to his family, his vow gave him no right over them. Besides, human sacrifices were ever an abomination to the Lord; and this was one of the grand reasons why God drove out the Canaanites, etc., because they offered their sons and daughters to Molech in the fire, i.e., made burnt-offerings of them, as is generally supposed. That Jephthah was a deeply pious man, appears in the whole of his conduct; and that he was well acquainted with the law of Moses, which prohibited all such sacrifices, and stated what was to be offered in sacrifice, is evident enough from his expostulation with the king and people of Ammon, Jg 11:14-27. Therefore it must be granted that he never made that rash vow which several suppose he did; nor was he capable, if he had, of executing it in that most shocking manner which some Christian writers (“tell it not in Gath”) have contended for. He could not commit a crime which himself had just now been an executor of God’s justice to punish in others. It has been supposed that “the text itself might have been read differently in former times; if instead of the words והעליתיהו עולה , I will offer It a burnt-offering, we read והעליתי הוא עולה , I will offer Him (i.e., the Lord) a burnt-offering: this will make a widely different sense, more consistent with everything that is sacred; and it is formed by the addition of only a single letter, (א aleph ), and the separation of the pronoun from the verb. Now the letter א aleph is so like the letter ע ain, which immediately follows it in the word עולה olah, that the one might easily have been lost in the other, and thus the pronoun be joined to the verb as at present, where it expresses the thing to be sacrificed instead of the person to whom the sacrifice was to be made. With this emendation the passage will read thus: Whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me – shall be the Lord’s; and I will offer Him a burnt-offering.” For this criticism there is no absolute need, because the pronoun הו hu, in the above verse, may with as much propriety be translated him as it. The latter part of the verse is, literally, And I will offer him a burnt-offering, עולה olah, not לעולה leolah, For a burnt-offering, which is the common Hebrew form when for is intended to be expressed. This is strong presumption that the text should be thus understood: and this avoids the very disputable construction which is put on the ו vau, in והעליתיהו vehaalithihu, Or I will offer It up, instead of And I will offer Him a burnt-offering. From Jg 11:39 it appears evident that Jephthah’s daughter was not Sacrificed to God, but consecrated to him in a state of perpetual virginity; for the text says, She knew no man, for this was a statute in Israel. ותהי חק בישראל vattehi chok beyishrael; viz., that persons thus dedicated or consecrated to God, should live in a state of unchangeable celibacy. Thus this celebrated place is, without violence to any part of the text, or to any proper rule of construction, cleared of all difficulty, and caused to speak a language consistent with itself, and with the nature of God.”

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