COMPLETE PDF (DIGITAL) COLLECTION OF ALL BOOKS (including all books and journal published or to be published through the end of this year) ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2021

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER ON THE COMPLETE PDF COLLECTION OF ALL OF BRO. BAER’S BOOKS (including the just-published books on Revelation 1-7, Haggai, and The Fruit of the Spirit) AND ALL OF THE ARI’EL INSTITUTE JOURNALS (all 18 issues, including those on the Doctrine of the Devil AND the special issues 17 and 18 which will both be available by the first week of December 2021) PUBLISHED THROUGH THIS YEAR – ONLY AVAILABLE through December 31, 2021, as a special critical needs fundraiser. 

Below is the listing for the original collection followed by the additional BONUS collection that we will include through the end of this year – totaling more than 10,000 pages of study materials, commentary, charts and diagrams, etc.

COMPLETE collection of ALL books written by Bro. Baer and ALL issues of the Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies in FULL-COLOR digital PDF versions that can be opened and read on any smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

ALL of the following are INCLUDED in the original 15-year collection, emailed (in several emails due to the size) as downloadable and printable PDFs to the email address of your choice:

  • The Incorruptible Seed: 14th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (400 pages)
  • The Feasts of Israel: 12th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (260 pages)
  • The Tabernacle: 7th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (392 pages)
  • Baptisms (422 pages)
  • Hell Explained – by Bro. Kosa (124 pages)
  • One God and One Lord Part 1: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of the Godhead (658 pages)
  • One God and One Lord Part 2: Discussions on the Doctrine of the Godhead (654 pages)
  • Biblical Blueprints Part 1: Bible Study Charts, Illustrations, and Images (414 pages)
  • Shadows and Light: Rituals of the Old Covenant versus Reality of the New Covenant (650 pages)
  • Ruth: Gleanings of the Message of Redemption and Restoration in the Book of Ruth (280 pages)
  • The Song of Songs Part 1: Symbolism of the Bride of Christ in the Song of Solomon (320 pages)
  • Foundations of Biblical Hebrew (206 pages)
  • Matthew 27:52 (112 pages)
  • Ariel Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Issues 1 – 13 (150 – 170 pages each) – including Bible study material and about 100 pages of transcripts of recorded discussions and Q&A on various subjects in each issue

Individual content and additional information can be found on each book or journal’s product page.


Through the end of the year only (through December 31, 2021) we are going to include ALL of the special edition journals and books published in 2021 so far AND the upcoming Fruit of the Spirit book that will be published in November 2021 (to be emailed out as soon as it is published). This is approximately 2,700 MORE PAGES of material including:

  • Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Special Edition Issues 14, 15, and 16 on the Doctrine of the Devil (about 900 pages total)
  • Revelation 1 – 7 (546 pages)
  • Haggai: The Call to Restore the House of God (339 pages)
  • The Fruit of the Spirit (444 pages)
  • Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Special Edition Issues 17 and 18 (about 250 pages each) – available by the first week of December

This LIMITED OFFER is ONLY AVAILABLE through the end of the year (through December 31, 2021) and is being done as a special fundraiser for critical needs. This SPECIAL OFFER includes more than 10,000 pages of materials that would cost more than $330 if purchased as individual PDFs.

NOTE: The pictured books are the paperback editions but this set is for the digital PDFs (not paperback editions) and these PDFs will be emailed in several emails (due to their size) to the email of your choice.


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Full 54 lesson course in the foundational elements of Biblical Hebrew, designed to be accessible to complete beginners, but its breadth and range of study will appeal to and benefit Hebrew students of all levels

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • The key concepts and building blocks of the Hebrew language
  • Proper pronunciation of the Hebrew letters and words
  • A thorough mastery of every letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • Memorization keys for remembering the Hebrew alphabet
  • The paleo-Hebraic forms of the letters and the symbolism associated with each letter
  • Memorization keys for immediately recognizing the names and sounds of each Hebrew letter
  • The Hebrew vowel points
  • Memorization of key Bible verses and liturgical statements
  • Hebrew cultural elements
  • A selection of conversational Hebrew words and phrases
  • 120+ key Hebrew vocabulary words that will give you the ability to recognize and understand 1,000’s of Hebrew words used in the Bible
  • BONUS: Aleph-Bet memorization song (in both audio and sheet music formats) that will allow you to quickly and easily memorize the Hebrew Aleph-Bet (alphabet)
  • BONUS: ALL of the following downloadable and fully printable charts and tables are also included: Hebrew Aleph-Bet and Vowel Points chart, Hebrew Aleph-Bet Pronunciation and Gematria chart, Symbolism of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet chart, Hebrew Nikud: Vowel Points chart, Pronunciation Guide to the Names of the Hebrew Letters and Vowel Points chart, and Pronunciation Guide to Key Proper Hebrew Names chart

The full online diploma course includes the following:

  • Full access to all 54 printable and downloadable lessons
  • Full access to all 54 audio MP3 sessions covering each lesson
  • Grading of all 5 Review Tests
  • Grading of the 2-part Final Test
  • Diploma / certificate issued by the Ari’el Institute, and emailed to graduates after completion of their final test

Enrolling, completing, and receiving a diploma in Foundations of Biblical Hebrew is easy and inexpensive:

  • Upon receipt of class donation, you will be sent an email noting your official enrollment status and a password for access to the Biblical Hebrew Course page, which gives you full access to all the course material
  • View online, download and/or print out the pages, handouts, and other materials and study these at your own pace
  • Listen to the short audio lessons that are included on the website with each lesson, each of which include a read through of the printed lesson with proper pronunciation and some added points. These can be listened to online OR downloaded as MP3 files to your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Contact our teachers by email with any questions
  • Take each review test (at your own pace) and submit the answers for grading by emailing them to: OR by mailing them to the church at: 1100 S. Trimble Rd. Mansfield, Ohio 44906
  • Take the final two-part test (when you are ready) and submit the answers for grading by emailing them as above
  • Ari’el Institute will email a full color downloadable and printable Diploma in Foundations of Biblical Hebrew to all who complete their final tests. Those who do so with high grading will receive a special Honors or High Honors designation on their certificate
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