COMPLETE PDF (DIGITAL) COLLECTION OF ALL BOOKS (including all books and journal published or to be published through the end of this year) ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2021

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER ON THE COMPLETE PDF COLLECTION OF ALL OF BRO. BAER’S BOOKS (including the just-published books on Revelation 1-7, Haggai, and The Fruit of the Spirit) AND ALL OF THE ARI’EL INSTITUTE JOURNALS (all 18 issues, including those on the Doctrine of the Devil AND the special issues 17 and 18 which will both be available by the first week of December 2021) PUBLISHED THROUGH THIS YEAR – ONLY AVAILABLE through December 31, 2021, as a special critical needs fundraiser. 

Below is the listing for the original collection followed by the additional BONUS collection that we will include through the end of this year – totaling more than 10,000 pages of study materials, commentary, charts and diagrams, etc.

COMPLETE collection of ALL books written by Bro. Baer and ALL issues of the Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies in FULL-COLOR digital PDF versions that can be opened and read on any smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

ALL of the following are INCLUDED in the original 15-year collection, emailed (in several emails due to the size) as downloadable and printable PDFs to the email address of your choice:

  • The Incorruptible Seed: 14th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (400 pages)
  • The Feasts of Israel: 12th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (260 pages)
  • The Tabernacle: 7th Anniversary Updated and Expanded Edition (392 pages)
  • Baptisms (422 pages)
  • Hell Explained – by Bro. Kosa (124 pages)
  • One God and One Lord Part 1: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of the Godhead (658 pages)
  • One God and One Lord Part 2: Discussions on the Doctrine of the Godhead (654 pages)
  • Biblical Blueprints Part 1: Bible Study Charts, Illustrations, and Images (414 pages)
  • Shadows and Light: Rituals of the Old Covenant versus Reality of the New Covenant (650 pages)
  • Ruth: Gleanings of the Message of Redemption and Restoration in the Book of Ruth (280 pages)
  • The Song of Songs Part 1: Symbolism of the Bride of Christ in the Song of Solomon (320 pages)
  • Foundations of Biblical Hebrew (206 pages)
  • Matthew 27:52 (112 pages)
  • Ariel Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Issues 1 – 13 (150 – 170 pages each) – including Bible study material and about 100 pages of transcripts of recorded discussions and Q&A on various subjects in each issue

Individual content and additional information can be found on each book or journal’s product page.


Through the end of the year only (through December 31, 2021) we are going to include ALL of the special edition journals and books published in 2021 so far AND the upcoming Fruit of the Spirit book that will be published in November 2021 (to be emailed out as soon as it is published). This is approximately 2,700 MORE PAGES of material including:

  • Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Special Edition Issues 14, 15, and 16 on the Doctrine of the Devil (about 900 pages total)
  • Revelation 1 – 7 (546 pages)
  • Haggai: The Call to Restore the House of God (339 pages)
  • The Fruit of the Spirit (444 pages)
  • Ari’el Institute Journal of Biblical Studies Special Edition Issues 17 and 18 (about 250 pages each) – available by the first week of December

This LIMITED OFFER is ONLY AVAILABLE through the end of the year (through December 31, 2021) and is being done as a special fundraiser for critical needs. This SPECIAL OFFER includes more than 10,000 pages of materials that would cost more than $330 if purchased as individual PDFs.

NOTE: The pictured books are the paperback editions but this set is for the digital PDFs (not paperback editions) and these PDFs will be emailed in several emails (due to their size) to the email of your choice.


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This nearly 250-page issue is a Special Edition containing messages and discussions and various subjects, including:

  • The Truth about the Spiritual "Threshing Floor"
  • Restoration will be the Result of Greater Productivity and Not just More Activity
  • If We are Going to Restore the Church We Must Be Ruthlessly Biblical in Examining Our Rote Beliefs and Our Rote Behaviors
  • Are We Rebuilding the Original Body of Christ or Building a New Body? - and Will We Restore the Church by Building with Materials and Methods that were Never Part of the Church We are Striving to Restore?
  • Missing, Misplaced, and Broken "Gears" in the Machinery of the Body of Christ that Must Be Restored, Replaced, or Rebuilt part 1: Truth and Order
  • Missing, Misplaced, and Broken "Gears" in the Machinery of the Body of Christ that Must Be Restored, Replaced, or Rebuilt part 2: The Members and Ministry of the Church
  • Why I No Longer Use the Term "Threshing Floor" for Part of Our Present Labor to Restore the Church
  • What Truths have been Produced by the "Threshing Floor" After the Time of Bro. William Sowders that are Agreed Upon by a Strong Majority of Our Body of Churches?
  • Paul's Pressing for the Mark that He had Not Yet Attained
  • Full Salvation: From Opening the Door to Overcoming
  • Two Crosses that are Necessary to Complete Full Salvation: His Cross and Our Cross
  • Salvation May Be a Gift, but It Is Too Big a Gift to Fit In an Already Furnished House - and - Full Salvation May Be Beyond Our Ability to Purchase But No One Who Does Not Sell All to Receive It Ever Will
  • Do We Need to Cease From Works to Enter Into Our Spiritual Rest, Do We Need to Labor to Enter Into Our Spiritual Rest, or Both?
  • A Claim to Faith in Christ That is Not a Faith That Compels You to Draw Closer to Him in Your Thoughts and Actions is Completely Impotent - but - True Faith is Potent, Never Impotent
  • A Faith that Follows All the Way to Its Full Completion Will Be a Faith that Finishes Its Course by Compelling Us to Run Our Race to the End
  • It is Better to Die Seeking God than to Live Serving Man - and - It is Better to Die Striving for a Deeper Relationship with God than to Live in a Stagnant Place of Stunted Spiritual Growth
  • Can You "Lose Your Salt" and be Saved Regardless?
  • Can Dead Faith Fully Save a Person?
  • Will a Loveless Faith Fully Save?
  • Disobedience is the Product of Disbelief
  • God's Methods May Change Dispensationally but His Moral Requirements Never Change
  • Is Repentance a "Work" that We Must Do or Does God Make Us Repent by Taking Control of Our Hearts and Our Lips, Against Our Will, and "Force" Us to Repent?
  • Full Salvation as Pictured in the Story of Israel's Exodus From Egypt and Eventual Inheritance of Canaan
  • Does Knowing the Truth Guarantee that You Will Be Made Free?
  • Faith and/or Faithfulness
  • To Be Like Adam or To Be Like Jesus? - That is the Question
  • Relational Faith versus Rote Faith
  • Two Competing Fallacies Regarding the Nature of Saving Faith
  • What is the Biblical Definition and the Measure of the Spiritual Perfection Required of New Covenant Believers?
  • Full Perfection: 10k Gold or 24k Gold?
  • Jesus as Both Savior and Lord: What We Can Never Be Worthy Of and What We Must Be Worthy Of
  • The Marriage of Mercy and Grace
  • True Love Lacks Tolerance
  • All Sin is Evil, but Not All Sin is Equally Evil - and - All Sin Will Result in Future Destruction and Death but Not All Sin Has the Same Present Destructive Results
  • Calling Our Ministerial Brothers by the Title "Brother"
  • The Work of the Laity
  • To "Type" or Not to "Type", That is the Question
  • Israel's Restoration Prophesied in Hosea 6
  • Who Are the Jews Who Have Endured for Millennia Despite Massive and Persistent Persecution that Can Only Be the Result of Divine Intervention?
  • Is God Still the Hope of Natural Israel or is Natural Israel Without Hope?
  • Every Genetic Jew is Not Presently a Spiritual Jew but One Day There Will Be No Genetic Jews Who are Not Also Spiritual Jews
  • Indisputable Evidence that Israel Will Be Restored and The Inarguable Biblical Inconsistency of the Opposite View
  • Dogs and Swine

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